Blind Date Anxiety

Being matched up with someone by a friend or relative is often seen as a burden, and those who experience blind date anxiety often have a great deal of experience to back up their feelings. Many people know little or nothing about how to match two people for real compatibility, and they often look only at the surface. While two people they know might have the same general upbringing, their personalities might be very different. Going to meet another person for that arranged date usually fills people with dread, and many are the horror stories that back up their emotions. For those who are still willing to look at it with an open mind, the person waiting could turn out to be their future spouse.

The meeting place

When two people are set up on a blind date, they are often given an address where they will meet each other. It generally is a restaurant or café, and it is open to the public. This is due to safety issues, but it can add to the anxiety the two are feeling. They are given a description of the person, perhaps told what they will be wearing, and introductions are left to them. The meeting place is not always comfortable or familiar, so it can ratchet up the anxiety a few more notches before the couple even meets.

A quiet meal

Two people who do not really know each other might find they have little to share in the conversational arena, but a nervous person might just begin blurting out whatever comes into their mind. If one of them is able to find some type of good response, the anxiety might ease up a little. The two of them can always discuss the person who set them up, and then they could move on to other topics of conversation that were suggested by their mutual acquaintance. It might seem that a quiet meal could turn into one where the two people sharing it are actually having a good time. This is rare, but it does happen.

A second date

Not all blind dates are the stuff horror writers love, and some of them do turn out well. Couples meeting under adverse circumstances are not completely unusual in the world today, so they have just as good a chance as any other couple of hitting it off. A second date might not be right for the pair, and they could simply become friends. Those who find they actually have more than a little in common might be willing to meet again for another date, and their bravery could be rewarded with a lifetime partnership.

Blind dates have long been the bane of existence for singles, but they are not always a bad experience. While many turn out to be mismatches, some of them work out fine. Couples meeting on a blind date do continue to date, and some of them even end up married happily. While they might not have started off very well, their further adventures in life are ones they will cherish for decades.